Terms of Service

  • The art you commission is for personal use only. For commercial use, please contact me directly to negotiate pricing. Commissioned pieces must not be used as NFTs or train AI.

  • I require character reference(s). I will, however, design your character for an additional price.

  • The commissioned piece will be drawn in the style shown in the samples, with a plain background. Background requests start at 40USD and may increase depending on complexity.

  • I can draw original characters, furry art, creatures, and NSFW (contact me for special pricing) I will NOT draw NFTs, mecha, gore, and subjects depicting hate.

  • I have the right to decline commission requests I won't be able to deliver flawlessly or those that will make me uncomfortable.

  • I work in batches. Turn around can range from 1 to 4 months depending on request complexity, commission queue, and other personal concerns. We will discuss this before the sketching process begins.

  • Do not edit or alter the final piece aside from cropping. Again, desired edits must be brought up before the production of the final artwork at the latest.

  • I have the rights over the final artwork. I can post it on my social media accounts or as part of my portfolio.

  • Payment will be done in USD

  • Full payment upfront via paypal invoice to secure your slot. Payment plans can be arranged for big orders.

  • Local clients can opt to pay via Gcash or bank transfer instead.

  • Addt’l 5% of the price will be added for the transfer/miscellaneous fees

  • The commission is non-refundable once the initial sketch is approved.

By ordering a commission, you agree to the terms of service

Fully Rendered Commissions

Bust Portrait starts at 100USD

Perfect for showcasing your character’s beautiful face

Half Body starts at 150USD

Want to show off your hands? or a fancy new weapon? This one’s for you

Full Body starts at 200USD

Go big or go home

Full Illustration starts at 400USD

*Imagine your character in a battle scene or a game loading screen *

  • Prices displayed are for each character and include three (3) free revisions: thumbnail sketch, refined sketch, and base colors. Additional revisions will be charged accordingly.

  • Prices may increase depending on details, additional effects (fire, lightning, etc.), special equipment (detailed armor, weapons, and companions), design, and composition complexity.

  • Simple background request starts at 40USD

  • For characters with no reference, I will require design inspirations or a moodboard and an additional 30% of the total cost as design fee.

  • For commercial use, send me an email at

Sketch Commissions

Style A

Bust starts at 65USD
Half body starts at 95USD

*Sketch with minimal colors and shade *

Style B

Bust starts at 80USD
Half body starts at 120USD

*Refined sketch with base colors and shading *